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Commercial Business Insurance

Welcome to our site, you’re one stop shop for all your commercial business insurance needs. When it comes to running a small business, many business owners are forced to wear many hats in order for the company to run smoothly. Here at Eidyia Commercial we can take some of the pressure off, by providing you and your broker with the coverage you need at the lowest cost possible.

Many businesses have the mistaken belief that if they simply incorporate or form an LLC, they are no longer at risk. This can lead to disaster. While these entities will protect you from being personally liable for the debts and obligations of the business, they will not protect the assets within the business. If you own machinery, intellectual property or anything of value in the business, commercial insurance is a critical necessity.

The world of commercial business insurance can become complex and overwhelm you
if you are not careful. To help you wade through the subject, we’ve put together a business insurance information section packed with information.
Eidyia Commercial Insurance Services
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